JOLENE JOLENE  is a sustainability centric one-woman studio based in Hong Kong founded by Jolene Fung. 
Jolene believes that sustainability is an essential part of any good design and that is our responsibility to practice it in every aspect of modern operations. Through creating functional desirable lifestyle objects made of 100% post-consumers plastic bags, she invites everyone to rethink the meaning of waste and challenges common perceptions of recycle materials/handmade upcycling crafts as cheap and less qualified.
Passionate about drawing and painting since the age of 5 and trained to become a fashion print designer at Central Saint Martins, UK. Jolene has always been drawn by colours, materials, textures, art, fashion and crafts. The studio might be focusing on upcycling currently but is not restricted to a single material or design discipline.
It was one desperate late night before a tutorial during the beginging of her degree final year. With nothing at all to show the next morning, she stumbled across one of those “DIY plastic bags fusing tutorial” on YouTube while procastinating. Started with a domestic iron and a handful of plastic bags under her sink, she went on and developed what you can see from HERE.